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Column Clamp & Props

  We offer an array of Column Clamps and props like heavy duty prop, light duty prop and many more. Our column clamps ensures absolute rigidity of steel and   can be quickly adjusted. While, our variety of props is highly durable and is known for its flawless performance. These column clamps and props are   available at cost-effective prices.

Column Clamp

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Column Clamp - 3015

Scaffolding column clamps provide quick and secured adjustment to ensure absolute rigidity of steel or timber frames for concrete columns, beams and casings.

Item Code
SIze (mm)
Weight (Kgs)
HETL S/F - 3001 750.00 2.90 Power coated
HETL S/F - 3002 1050.00 4.00 Power coated
HETL S/F - 3003 1450.00 6.50 Power coated

Heavy Duty Prop

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Heavy Duty Prop - 3001

Heavy duty props are ideal and most economical for supporting all kinds of steel/timber frames for concrete slabs, beams and columns in general building construction and repair work.

Item Code
Close Ht./Open Ht. (Mtr.)
Weight (Kgs)
HETL S/F - 3004 1.08/1.83 14.00 HDG/Painted
HETL S/F - 3005 1.65/2.50 17.20 HDG/Painted
HETL S/F - 3006 1.98/3.35 20.64 HDG/Painted
HETL S/F - 3007 2.60/3.60 22.88 HDG/Painted
HETL S/F - 3008 3.30/5.00 28.60 HDG/Painted

Light Duty Prop

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Light Duty Prop - 3006

Light duty props support shuttering and centering of steel and timber frameworks. Available in different sizes and outer dimensions, props have rolled threads.

Item Code
Close Ht./Open Ht. (Mtr.)
Weight (Kgs)
HETL S/F - 3009 0.25/0.50 3.30 Painted
HETL S/F - 3010 0.50/0.80 4.10 Painted
HETL S/F - 3011 0.70/1.30 5.00 Painted
HETL S/F - 3012 1.00/1.80 6.00 Painted
HETL S/F - 3013 1.60/2.80 10.00 Painted
HETL S/F - 3014 1.82/3.35 11.00 Painted
HETL S/F - 3015 2.45/4.00 11.80 Painted
HETL S/F - 3016 3.00/4.60 13.50 Painted

Locking Pin

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Locking Pin 3019
Item Code : 3017
Locking pins are manufactured using premium quality raw materials such as mild steel or carbon steel and is widely used to provide support scaffolding.

Heavy Duty Prop Nut (Light Weight)

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Prop Nut - 3020
Item Code : 3018
Prop nuts are available malleable casted and are light weight and heavy duty. These prop nuts are available in threaded & non threaded specifications with black, galvanized or painted finish.

Threaded Sleeve

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Threaded Sleeve 3021.jpg
Item Code : 3019
Threaded sleeves are made of mild steel tube and are efficient and cost effective system for construction scaffolding joining. The sleeves are available in painted and galvanized finish.

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